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Section 1 Foundations of Doctoral Study / Chapter 1 Welcome to the Doctoral Journey

By Dr. Wayne Schmidt


1. Introduction


Starting out, doctoral learners probably have many more questions than answers. The answers to some of these questions will be found in this text, while others will be found as learners progress through the doctoral program. Some learners may already envision themselves walking across the stage, while for others, what will happen in the next three to four years is somewhat more nebulous.


No matter the sport, before the game or match starts, the athletes get themselves ready: basketball players shoot lay-ups, quarterbacks throw passes, and runners practice in the starting blocks. Each of those athletes knows that the event actually begins long before the jump ball, kick-off, or starter’s gun; it starts when he or she gets on the bus, heads to the arena, and begins the pregame routine.


Doctoral learners can think of the remainder of this chapter as doing the lay-up drills, throwing some practice passes to the wide receiver, or getting into the sprinter’s stance. The information in this text will prepare learners for what lies ahead in their doctoral journey.