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Section 1 Foundations of Doctoral Study / Chapter 1 Welcome to the Doctoral Journey

3. Worldview


First, and foremost, GCU is a Christian university. It has a rich heritage centered on providing an excellent academic and Christian education. At GCU, those two things are inseparable. The doctoral education at GCU is presented through the eyes of a Christian worldview.


Pritchard (2013, para. 2) defines worldview as, “a way of understanding the world that influences a person’s opinion on morality, politics, culture, economics, and societal values. It also informs what a person believes about human behavior, the history of human civilization on earth, and the afterlife.”


Whether expressly stated or not, each person has a worldview. It is worthwhile for learners to spend time formalizing their worldviews as they prepare for their doctoral journey.